Sunday, February 25, 2007


friday i was exhosted. went to bed aobut 9 and slep for 12 hrs. felt good all day saturday, untill arround 10, when we left the party and my stomach started to hurt. i had dinner, hrs earlyer, and it was only mac and cheese, and didnt drink at all.
slept ok, well except for the occasional visite by a cat.. who was A. hot, B. purring increddibly loudly, C. decided he needed to be on my chest or up against my head and D. felt the need to- after a while- start biting me.... fortunatly only my fingers. then he got thrown out.
about 7:30 my tomach started to hurt again....
ok, fast forward many hrs. still hurts, and im tired. trying to pack for China. trying to do 2 week old dishes and laundry- and get things in order for not being here for a week and a half.

in other news, one of my BNL cds has dissapeared. i know i had it in the move, but cant seem to find it anywhere.

trying to figure out the best way to pack 2 pint bottles for plane flight. Cecil, it appears, desperatly misses american beers and IPA inparticular. [ sorry cecil, thats all your getting. ] So , if anyone has any expierance/ good suggestions on this, let us know. like... by tuesday.

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