Monday, February 08, 2010

organized space

i had every intention if getting the Christmas stuff finally packed away and out of my craft room.
i was unsuccessful at self motivation.
for that matter i have every intention of getting this really truly organized so that room and space can be used better.
i have been meaning to do this for 2 years.

what can i say. I'm lazy. I'm not terribly self propelled. and once i do organize things, i either forget my plan, or do a project and never put anything away.

its not because my mother didn't try. I've always been "messy" but deep down i wish everything lived in its place all the time and that putting things away wasn't the most awful thing in the whole world.
frankly i find the chaos a bit .... oh you nkow when you find your self panicking in too small of a space.. yeah. like that.

maybe i just dream a little too much of magazine beauty. in magazines pets can live in a home full of fancy furniture and delicate arrangements- never shedding, creating dust or knocking things over.

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