Wednesday, February 17, 2010

the art of art.

as everyone knows, the art you create, you usually hate. Sometimes i look back over sketches i did 6 months to several years ago and they are better than i remembered. however things i thought were good at the time, i often no longer like. i don't know if this has to do with personal expectations, or what.

i need to start drawing again. i had started a project that i thought would be helpful to me, but quickly got distracted and it is now gathering dust.

i want to start that project again, but i am coming up with lots of excuses for why i haven't.
1. i spend all day trying to be creative- a lot of forced creativity. which is hard.
2. i don't have time. [i do.]
3. i admire so many other peoples wide ranging illustration styles and am discouraged, feeling that mine are inferior and, pretty much, crap. i really haven't found my "style."

i know that i need to just get out that pencil, and draw, and stop worrying. because i do have the time, i just enjoy being lazy. but lazy is less enjoyable when it is the only thing you do.

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