Wednesday, February 24, 2010

confused emotions

something i have had to work really hard at is leaving the job at the job. i'm not a workaholic, but i have a hard time leaving the emotional stress at work.
i have been feeling a lot better since i now, rarely deal with the boss that makes me crazy. but still there are things.

-found out several people had been let go over the last several weeks.
-found out the rest of design will be in NYC next week- the exact week i had requested to be there for the children's version of Magic. i found out from one of the assistants, who found out from another assistant, who only knows because her boss decided to tell her no one would be here next week. Oh and my brand is tied for 3rd highest selling out of 6. and i have the smallest line.
-found out my catalog went to print and i never saw it.
-found things re arranged on my office wall this morning, because apparently conversations were had after i left last night.
- continue to find out that changes were made to garments, only when i get a new approval- not when the changes are made, nor am i ever involved.
- oh and my hormones are all wacky with the new meds and I've been a bit of a bitch.

it goes on from there.
that part of me is annoyed.

on the flip side i am way excited about:
- being 4 for 4 on good experiences at Dr.s offices this month. more good experiences than i have ever had in my life combined.
i finally feel like i am moving forward with the efforts to solves my health issues.
-i bought new running shoes, and cant wait for them to get here.
- the figure skating costumes have been great.
- we have dinner reservations for The Mealting Pot Friday night.
- i lost a pound last week. not really significant. but it was nice to see the scale number go backwards 1.
- its spring! there will be warm weather and lots of snow!

this part of me is wildly excited.

i am confused. its stressful being really excited and really annoyed at the same time.

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