Monday, February 01, 2010


where to start.. where to start....

well, we started by accusing poor product design on a gadget made in China.

went to the Lutheran soup supper. for $4, all you can eat ham sandwiches, chili or chicken noodle and 9 kinds of pie. I had an AMAZING piece of mullberry pie.

there was later a joke about some one thought something smelled funny. mush have been the Lutherans... HA

had a baked potato w/ broccoli cheese soup for $3.50

had hamburger and fries at the Legion for $4.50

was told to eat an orange- then told it would probably be too dry.

was told to eat a sandwich, then was told the bread was probably too dry.

my grandmother didn't know anyone involved w/ the Grammys, except for Miley Cyrus- who she though was a sweet young girl.

She didn't know why anyone would want to see any of the performers in concert. including Elton John.

i know there was a lot more. but i have blanked on it for now.

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