Monday, January 19, 2009

whew. glad thats over.

so it was a very long weekend... in fact i wouldn't call it a weekend, because it never ended- it just continued on forever..and ever...

Mart is over. I dont have to go to Stock Show again.

and i am being launched full speed into spring.

skating tonight- and school starts tomorrow.

our new schedule is this: we'll be home by 8. on fridays we'll be home by 5 or earlier. weekends are open, except 12-2 on sunday for me. first saturdays of the month are Bouts... i assume mostly in the evening.

we will be busy.

but i'm excited. i'm excited for spring, and excited about getting our yard into shape- in colorado its an issue to not start too early, so new things dont freeze. we have long warm falls and cold wet springs.i REALLY need to get my house cleaned up. the last of the xmas stuff away, some things filed [our cabnet is a mess.. mostly my fault, tim is good at neat filing. it would be nice to have a big old filing cablent and i can have my messy drawer, and tim can keep the rest neat and claen.], things picked up, sorted, thrown away- xmas thank yous still need to go out, craft projects, etc.

i am dieing to get out of town. just for the weekend, just a small trip. we are planning to go to Kansas in May. and as excited as i am about that, i would like to go somewhere else before that. and preferably sooner than later.

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