Friday, January 23, 2009

cat update.

Phenn is almost as big as Kabuki- and will be 6mo. in feb.
this photos was taken, just as she stopped cleaning his face. it was adorable.

Phenn LOVES to be out and running around the house. he and Kabuki play, and he is determined to be friends with Falkor. mostly he goes up to Falkor, Falkor hisses, Phenn just sites there and looks around, Falkor is confused and tolerates him as long as Phenn doesnt touch him.
Phenn tried to play with F the other day. kind of running and leaping at him, and then running away again. i dont think F liked it very much.
Ozzy hasnt learnd to just whap P when he tries to share food with him. instead hes just pissy and baks off. P is also trying to be friends with O. but it means sitting 3 feet away with a pair of boots between them.

the letter for today is "P" and the number 4.

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