Wednesday, January 21, 2009

compost pile

one of the first things we did in our yard when we moved in, was start a compost pile. we created a bowl shape from old sod we took out- to help incubate and speed up the decomposing process.
right now the compost pile is about the most colorful thing in our yard. i hope that this spring when we are ready to start planting, we will have some nutrient rich material to add to the mix.

the city of Denver is doing a composting program trail- where they give you the large bins [like recycling] and you fill them with branches and debris... probably also kitchen scraps if you don't have a pile of your own- but i would just use it for things too large for my pile. [we are not part of the pilot program- a limited number of homes were accepted.] every spring you can purchase compost and mulch from the city of Denver.

Our goal this year is [to finish the patio- oops.] to get a big vegetable garden composted, planted and mulched. we cleared a large area last fall and will just need to straiten up some borders, etc.

we also need to decide weather we want to rip out the whole back yard level it and re-sod it with nice grass- or if we want to try to fill in the lumps and get the grass to fill in and level out. I think the problem is that this is the original lawn from 1941.

the other big project is the front yard. our front yard is a weird hot weather grass, that is uber thick [but not soft] and doesn't not like to be green. ever. i guess the people before us covered the whole thing in miracle grow every year, to get it to green up. this lawn REALLY need to ripped out and re-did.

i started a very small tulip bed last fall. just for something that is pretty out there. but we really need to take out the whole front slope- as it doesn't grow anything but weeds.- wish i could remember what color tulips i bought.

speaking of projects- the sprinklers need to be seriously worked on. need to budget for that. need to have actually payed sprinkler guys come out and mess with it.

when we moved in last spring, my mom gifted us with a full out landscape plan for the property. it will probably take us several years to get things done, but we can work on small sections at a time- every little bit helps.

my other fascination with our house is the built in planter by one of the windows [inside]. we thought we were going to have an herb garden- but have not been too successful with that. i have a few potted plants added in as well, and its looking nice and cherry- though i still don't have any geraniums.
i have also always wanted a fancy terrarium. like the one pictured above. of course i want a vintage one- and of course my spending limit is $20 or less. [the one above is from Smith & Hawkin. on sale for $47] so if anyone comes across one send me a pic. please!


acturi said...

I think some of the problem with the planter is that it's *just* far enough back to never actually get any sun. It's a problem.

erinrae said...

it does get sun!...
just..not ..a lot...