Monday, January 26, 2009

derby names

vesper- good
agony christy- good
Iona Vespa- good to go
Hazle Nutt- good to go
Red hornet- Good to go
Kelly Green- good
beatrix plotter- maybe
princess vespa- ok
Paige Turner- maybe
Pearl Button- ok
Panic Button- ok
Polly Gone- ok
Pierce Hart- ok
annata verde? [vintage green]
Dinah Soares- ok
Wendy Storm- ok
Ginger Rael- maybe
Marsha Mellow- ok
Rae Gunn- no- but does not have date added??
Erin Go Braghless- prolly not
Helen Back- no
Dr. Payne- no
Estelle Hertz (it still hurts)- no
Polly Ester- no
Ophelia Payne- out
sting-Rae- no -long list of fun names --- check avalibility of derby names

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