Sunday, January 07, 2007

starbucks is built on goodness

starbucks changed its walls.
they are now simply painted a deep paprika orange.
are they going to do a new paper? or is this a more perminet transition?

it is easy to bash starbucks, i personally feel that they are flooding the market too much and have only started hurting them selves.

how ever i have a huge amount of respect for a company that has made such huge stride across the board of eunterprunership, buisnes building, ideas and structure, health care, stock and etc.

if you dont think much of the brand, or of coffee, i sugest reading their book. its not aobut the product, but aobut the pasion and drive that is behind the idea.

Pour Your Heart Into It- how starbucks uilt a company one cup at a time. by Howard Schultz.

this book came out in 1997. it has been a decade, i would love to read aobut everythign that has happened since then.

alot of arguments could be made againt the content of this book. i see them. the disbeliefe and doubt. i have been reading this book at face value. something i generally dont recomend. maybe its because i have a general faith that people are good and that good and amazing things can come of good actions. and some is that i want to believe that people like this still exist in the world.

the discussion i had this morning was that i can be intemidating. i have heard this before, and i'v never really understood this. i tend to think of my self as average, not beutiful, butnot bad looking eaither,a nd general nice and friendly. i too had a general lack of friends for large periods of my life. and those so called friends were horrible at times. most people ahve expierienced this. so i try to be nice to peple that i read as nice people unless they give me a reason not to be.
so how am i intimidating?
apparently, geek boys are used to people being nice to them or asking them out on basis of bets and dares. so they are waiting for the catch when a pretty girl if friendly and talks to them. they are waiting for the ball to drop. and there for dont know how to react when in this situation. my responce is..but why wouldent i be nice to them, and i really am intrested in their dogs or waht ever. becaus theyre nice people, andwhen i hold the confidence in the situation i use it. its hard to make firends, so i try to help these people out.

i dont know if i made my point here, or what it was. but i'm hitting post anyway.

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