Saturday, January 20, 2007

for those of you paying attention

for those of you paying attention, my blogs tend to mood swing. ...which happends because i tend to mood swing. alot of it i blame on the weather, some of it is i have abit of a temper and can get worked up about things i know are not all that big a deal.
so when you read ones where i am seriously pissed off.. i prolly am that night.. but usually by the next day things have resolved, or i have slept and it is no longer a problem.

my overall mood: Giddy. i cant really describe it. but thats the best word as far as i can tell. usually when i am super excited aobut something i am quite a bit nervious as well. i am not now nervious. i am simply giddy, and i dont know if i have felt it by its self before or not.

on a differnt note, anyone want to go sledding on a sat or sun? so as i will not be jellious when other people go w/out me while i'm at work?

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