Tuesday, January 02, 2007

new years, tame but fun

so- new years-

there was booze... so much booze. we had enough for everyone there to drinkhappily.. then they all brought another 6 pack or milk crate or 2 of liquer w/ them. very funny considering we all stop at 5 to 7 drinks more or less. though the amount people have actually had to drink and the amount of energy they are bouncing w/ becomes a bit fuzzy whe they start licking beer off of people. specifically me. while playing a family card game..... a card game where i was encouraged to win by favor of clevledge...

booze and board games, wouldent have it any other way.

there were people not seen for a long time, new people met, a horribly spoiled but happy kitten, drama less, gossiping and a dragon stamp. it was good.

then there was perchasing and navigating of the kitten pagoda... apparently kitten likes his pagoda much more when hes stoned. and apparently the parking lot of petsmart has bitched 14' ers.. or so..maybe higher... prolly higher...

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