Saturday, January 27, 2007

snow, again

well, were on week 6 here.
they say more on tues and thursday too....

from my window i can see a snow bolder. yes, a boulder. interestingly this boulder was not always there. in fact it appeared at some point in the last week. i don't know where it came from, it is not of the normal plow pack drifts that still plague our city. tomorrow i will investigate.

it occurs to me that i forgot to get Popsicles at the store... i remembered the wine though. it also appears that i forgot about not drinking wine from a tumbler...

my room is gone..... today was it.... may father was already in there scarping tape and glow-stars off the wall. i would feel bad about all the stuff on the ceiling, but i'm too pissed about the whole thing. so let them deal w/ it. they wanted the room so bad.

i would say this is the first big turning point in our relation ship... at least to actually happen- i like my geeks, i do, and i know how much of a geek it makes me to be all warm and fuzzy about this-
"i want to put my ram and hard drives in your computer"... my heart is a flutter. :) giggle. no really, that made my day.

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