Sunday, January 14, 2007

some days are like this, and somedays we know tommorw will be as well.

to day was a bad day.
it started out well.. stayed happily in bed untill 9 or so.. warm.. and ..happy.. took a shower, had doritos, strawberrys and coco puffs for breakfast. man i wish i had those doritos right now.
things started going down hill when i determined that i sohuld not wear the same shirt to work i wore the day before and so i should go home and change.
did a 360 out of a dead stop w/ no gas and going a whoping 2mph. odly enough ended up facing north and in a lane and right on the line at the stop light. [note, that iwas trying to go south]. so roads were bad. saw several accidents on i-70. oyeah, and i cant get my seat belt to release... so i swong by home for the maxama, because it has seat belts and airbags, and at the rate i'm goign i'm going to need it. made it home, went to work, got bitched at becase a shirt was inside out, and a line was in the order from the previous day and had not been re- re arranged. my god.

my company sponcers a number of musical artist. one kid isnt sponcered yet, but will be soon, decided to hang out at Mart.. actually they were paying him, but still, very cool. looked oabut 15, turnes out hes 18, kid is amazing on the guitar, and voice is incredible. he played a set for us at the end of the show today. he had been playing like half a song at the beggining of the runway show, but that was it. i was seriously impressed w/ what he did tonihgt though. now, i know i know nothing about music, and i'm compleatly tone deaf, but this kid was amazing.

in the mean time i have realized that i cant find my phone. and i kind of scuffed the finder on the car trying to gt out of the damn drive way.

go to soccer, had a bad game, cant breath, colided w/ a guy really hard and brused my arm, and fucked up my kne/shin/ankle...we'll see how im doing tommorw.

did find my phone later. seems to be doing ok, despite spending aobut 24hrs outside in the car...

what i like aobut this kind of cold is when you walk the snow crunches under your feet... and ice crystals form on the ice crystals and everything is glittery.... the snowflakes in the air seem to sparkle more than any other time and the air is clean and pure.

i am going to the stock show tommorw. this is the perfect weathger for the stock show. out side is horrible cold, but once you ar inside, the air warms w/ smells of hay and livestock... clean and sweet. there are the best giant pretzils in the entire world. sometimes i mock it mercislessly, but inside i have alot of respect for farm and ranch and for the people who make it their lives. i think they are a very important part of our scoiety and culture, we are stupid to be pushing them out and doing away w/ the family farm. there is a soft spot.. actually a very large soft spot in my heart for the mid west, adn also the southwestern cowboy. but.. as i am not a particularly good writer, all that i feel would be entirly lost if i tryed to put it into words.

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