Tuesday, August 28, 2012


I have recently discovered that I am now far enough into adulthood that my pallet has changed. In recent weeks I have consumed eggplant, squash and even, yes, zucchini [and didn't barf]. I can now taste the nuttiness of eggplant rather than and overwhelming bitterness. The squash and zucchini were both well sauced, but with out the harsh bite I remember them having.
I've never been a particularly picky eater, but I am happy to admit that its nice to add a few more vegetables to the list of things I will willingly eat.
I will probably never seek out zucchini, but I might not have to pick all of it out of my "mixed vegetables."
In a forum discussion recently, regarding foods people do and don't like, someone said that, as a child his father told him, "pick a single food to hate with out question." Basically once you chose something you wouldn't be forced to eat it, but you would be expected to eat everything else. Apparently this man in now in his 40s and had made it his whole life without ever having tried brussel sprouts.

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