Saturday, August 04, 2012

First Friday- August

There is something exciting about starting out each new month with a First Friday celebration. First of all it is a chance to have quite a few people wander through the store who might not normally step in. Some of these people buy things- fun things like origami kits and coloring books and fruit scented markers. Some people look around seriously and tell us they will be back to do some more serious shopping later.
I like changing out the window display monthly. Its a lot of work, but it seems to keep people interested. Scooter didn't catch your eye? Maybe the superheros will.
From the business standpoint its nice to have a little jump start to the monthly revenue goal.

I'm exhausted this morning, and going into a very crazy week. We have our first class tomorrow and Wednesday. Thursday we are setting up for the county fair which runs all weekend.  I will be glad when It is over. The next event is not until Oct 6th.

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