Friday, March 18, 2011

Solar Ivy

I am fascinated by solar and wind energy producing products. I once thought up the genious idea that someone should be making solar shingles, and it turns out that someone was.
Today while flipping through Departures, a Vogue level of affordability geared towards travel; I spotted an article on Solar Ivy.
Designed by some siblings who are, [my god] my age, the Solar Ivy was a senior thesis project that originally included wind in its energy conduct. It was found that the wind conduct was too expensive for the amount of return energy. The idea steamed from the cooling effects of ivy covered buildings. What if that effect could be recreated and turned into solar conduct as well?

Inhabitat also has an article on SMIT's Solar Ivy.

The project turned into a company. As of 2011 the first orders for Solar Ivy are being accepted.

I would love to have this on the sides of my house, the south and west facing walls would look lovely drench in Ivy and Colorado's incredible sun exposure works solar panels of any type, to the highest of their capability's.

[The article states that the price per leaf was predicted to be $7 - $10 USD. In reality it is looking more like $19- $27.]

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