Friday, March 11, 2011

small house

We have a fairly small house. Under 1000sq. ft.
I like small house for several reasons; they keep my pack ratting tenancies under control [read consumption of chairs], its cheaper utility and upkeep wise, and frankly its cute.

However I find it quite frustrating to look at magazines, especially the ones touting small room organization and makeovers. They tend to expect a number of things:
1. That your room has flat walls and square ceilings.
2. That you have up to date electrical outlet locations- we have a couple rooms that have 1 or 2 outlets total.
3. That a cheap renovation is anything under $1000.
4. That your room will be no smaller than 12 x 12.

this room is the size of my living room.

These shelving units don't look cheap. And its hard to tell how efficient this really is because they have staged craft materials, which is to say, nothing. I don't think any one project could be completed, except maybe wrapping a gift or... well, where are they going to plug in that sewing machine? or cut out anything, and your button choices are limited to one of these couple colors. Yes. some of the ideas are good, like the pegboard wall of hanging supplies, that could work.

5. That buying random knickknacks from hobby lobby is a good idea, and that you will either have space to hold the ones that used to be in the room, should you care about them or that you are happy to toss nearly everything you own.

The truth:
I have all kinds of stuff.
We have curved ceilings
My craft room has one outlet.
I'm terrible at getting rid of stuff.
Spending $1000 on a room is just not an option.
I need honest to god small house organization ideas.
10 x 10 rooms. I have a couple rooms that are larger, they are longer and they are awkward.
How to work with awkward door/window/outlet placement for optimal space usage and usable organization.

I think I have seen before. but had long since forgotten about it. Maybe it will help. And maybe it will help me find other useful blogs.

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