Thursday, March 10, 2011

the long week

general update:
M & M have been in town this week and thus we have been doing family activities out the wazoo.
Monday: Dinner at the Birkshire.
Tuesday: Pirate exhibit at the History museum, followed by Mario Cart, Dinner, and it was our turn to host D&D. This is a pretty fun exhibet, i want to know how much the coins on display are actually worth.
Wednesday: st.patricks themed dinner on ash wednesday at the UU Church and then bowling. Bowling was quiet fun and silly.
Thursday: girls pedi & mani date and dinner, boys poker and beer or something manly.
Friday: birthday party/ rock band
Saturday: baby shower, KT, birthday party. One of my friends from Kindergarten is due in April. Cant wait to see her. she going to be a great mom.

OMG. so much stuff. we cant even keep the days strait.

In other news, I'm headed to the audiologist to have her re test my hearing and look at my old HAs, gonna give em another shot if we can get them working. I cant hear the one turn on at all, and the other turns on, but doesn't seem to do anything. Of course I would like to have the new and improved ones, but I need to get retrained on my old ones and see if i can keep it up long enough for new ones to matter.

I have the yard mostly cleaned up. We need to have a big fire soon to get rid of the xmas tree and wood in my garden.
Were going to try trellises this year, see if it keeps things better organized and pick-able.
I am starting seeds indoors as well. Maybe our garden will look better sooner this yr if the plants have a head start.

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