Monday, December 14, 2009

weekend review

had a really good weekend with Tim. It was good to be home.

Friday night we went to his company Christmas party, where everyone drank too much, the billiards were free and we got chocolate out of the white elephant exchange.

Saturday we cleaned and ran errands. the house hadn't been thoroughly cleaned since before we left for Seattle and the cats did their best to shed as much as possible. We finished our Christmas shopping- the mall was busy but not crazy and i bought my self a steam mop for my birthday. WOO.

Sunday I moped. [it was wonderful] and then we went tree shopping. Watched Muppet Christmas Carol started baking pumpkin, washed the cats and went to a friends house for Hot Pot dinner.

it may not sound like much, but it was a really great weekend at home with the Mr.

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