Tuesday, December 15, 2009

i'm deaf, not blind

just because i don't hear the conversation, doesn't mean i don't know whats going on.
I'm sorry, but there is a thing as being too polite. it involves never having an opinion and being afraid of your opinion. it often leads to lack of personality and wishy washyness.
i cant stand this. its fine if you truly don't care what movie we see or where we go to lunch, but then i don't want to hear later that you had already seen it, or wish we had eaten somewhere else.
i swear, some times i feel like i am in middle school again. everyone's in a clique, and I'm not in any of them. we are all friendly to one another- more or less, but i am never actually part of the group. always just 3 steps to the left.

it continues to surprise me how much people avoid reviling anything about them selves. they are afraid to have a favorite food or talk about what they did over the weekend. .. and no one ever wants to take the time to really talk, about anything.

i find that i am often too girly, or not girly enough.

and i know its stupid. and i know it really doesn't matter. but it all drives me nuts just the same.

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