Thursday, December 10, 2009

moving forward

I've been in a bit of a funk the last few weeks.
i know is Christmas time and I'm excited and yet, i just don't car of we get a tree or get it decorated. that's not normal. getting a tree is my absolute favorite thing during the holiday season.
my birthday came and went and it never really felt like a birthday. really i think it was one of my better birthdays because i wasn't anticipating anything so nothing went wrong. i didn't even care that we spent several hours too many in the airport.
my husband was nice enough to buy me a new purse, even though he doesn't have the damnedest idea why i needed or wanted one. we had Hawaiian themed hamburgers inside a casino and a bazaar sushi dinner at another casino. my parents got me a new camera- one we have been needing- the last camera i bought was in 2002 and Tim's was only a year newer than that.i realize that camera should and do last longer than that. my SLR is from the early 80s. but these were from the beginning of the small point and shoot development.
we also had a great dinner at Olivea with my parents last night. a long, loud dinner. but delicious.

I'm pissed at the cats. they have been in and on everything. the dry food keeps getting left out and the cats have figured out how to get into it [i swear its not me because i have cleaned it up 5 days in a row]. also we cant keep the door to the craft room open because Kabuki is in and on and eating everything she is no supposed to be. i don't know what it is about that room, she doesn't do it in the rest of the house.
I'm pretty positive that a lot of it has to do with us being away from home so much in the last few weeks. even with a house sitter they are still disgrunted about us being gone.

I'm glad to be home this weekend and settle back into the house.

maybe I'll even finish moving the pumpkins off the front porch.

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