Monday, December 21, 2009

a pertty darn good month so far.

I've been in a bitchy mood lately. I'm blaming it on hormones.
But really it has been a pretty great month.

I went to my department holiday lunch at the Chop House.
We saw a bunch of family in Seattle over Thanksgiving.
I went to "birthday breakfast" with December birthdays at work.
We went to Vegas [for work] for my birthday [kind of].
We had a great dinner out at Olivea with my parents.
I got a new purse, a new camera, a light up lawn flamingo and a steam mop.
we went to Tim's company holiday party and play a few terrible rounds of pool and came home w/ some chocolate.
We washed our cats.
We bought a Christmas tree.
I had a great weekend at home with the Mr.
I had a department lunch w/ one of our main contractors.
I got 6 Omaha steaks from the same contractor- these will be Christmas Eve dinner for/with our parents.
I had my company holiday party- a catered lunch and raffle prize drawing.
We had dinner a couple different times w/ various friends- which included saying good bye to some friends moving to Taiwan.
In Theory i now have a record player.
i bought a giant red bow to go on a Christmas gift.
i am excited to have some fun Christmas surprises up my sleeve.

Next up:
we have a party w/ friends from out of town on Wednesday.
Thursday I'm watching White Christmas w/ my mom and mom in law.
we are having dinner w/ our parents.
we are having Christmas morning w/ my folks, and Christmas afternoon w/ Tim's- maybe a movie?
Tim's sister is visiting, and she has planned a fun Christmas dinner for the day after.
We are going to the Khan exhibit at the History museum.
We are hosting a big ol' New Years Eve bash.


I am and we are truly blessed. I am so glad we can spend this time w/ our family and friends.

I love you. xoxxo

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