Monday, December 28, 2009

count down

And just like the Christmas is over.

There was a whirl wind of family and friends and food and snow.
We are finishing up the year with a New Years Eve party and another long weekend.

We went to the Genghis Khan exhibit at the history museum this weekend. I am sorry to say that despite all the hype, it really wasn't a very good show. there were some artifacts and ancient pieces of clothing that were really cool- but you can get a more in depth history lesson from Wiki.

We also saw Avatar. As Tim points out in his blog, the general story is kind of a crap shoot of plot holes and so forth. I didn't like that the native language caption were in Papyrus. But the animation and imagined world are so incredible beautiful and creative, i wish the movie had only been about the Avatar- who cares about the white guys and their mining.

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