Monday, January 23, 2012

ups and downs

Today was a bad day... mainly I discovered that I set some things up incorrectly and trying to correct the situation left me in a temper tantrum aimed at the computer. I think things can be sorted out, but not in the mood I was in today.

On a better note, my husband has decided to start training for a 200 mile relay that is planned for this summer- with a team of equally geeky and out of [running] shape, friends. His usual exercising interests are not of the gym going sort, so the shift to running is new. He is starting with "couch to 5k" and then going from there. I am proud of him for trying something new, committing to this race and recruiting a large number of people for the team.
With the store opening soon, I just cannot commit to this race planned for July. But I am sure it will be great fun.

in other news I have almost 2/3rds of the founding I need to open shop!