Sunday, January 01, 2012

New Year- 2012

I woke up this morning feeling like I should do a 2011 reflection post. I realize that this is about the most common thing being blogged right now, but then, this blog is more for me than for my "readers".

In a nut shell: had an epiphany, started working on a projects, went to San Francisco, went to Arcata, got an awesome job that never materialized, Mr. got a new job, played in the garden, went camping- learned I'm not a bad shot, went camping- lost a shoe, lost unemployment, insulated the crawl space, got new hearing aids, finished business plan, started rewriting business plan, went to Long Island for a dear friends wedding, picked up seasonal job, writing, writing, writing, had a really great birthday, had a pretty good and very family filled xmas and New Years.  Now? I'm as I have been saying for weeks, desperately trying to wrap up the second business plan. The end result will be a large grant, and hopefully something solid that will get me a bank loan.

Overall 2011 was a poor year for us. However, it was  a happy year, for me, mentally. I think because for the first time, in a long time I have something I want and am working towards it. I have been more focused on my goal of starting a small business than I have been of just about anything else in my life. It feels right and I know that it is going to work out. I have tons to learn, and will for quite some time. I am excited and terrified.
The next steps? Secure all funding and find a location to lease.

Resolutions from 2011? One of them was to make a bigger effort to capitalize the beginning of sentences. I was spoiled using Word early on, it auto caps a lot of things. However nothing else does and since I'm closer to 30 than 25, it seems like  I should get my typing shit together. I am still working on this, but it is very slowly becoming more second nature again.
The others? Well, I believe there were some half success' and some un-expected things that technically count, sorta.
All in all 2011 was a pretty happy year for me, I found purpose in my adult life, I learned a lot and I'm quite proud of myself.

I cant wait to see what 2012 brings!  

[probably a lot of stress]