Sunday, January 29, 2012

I didn't get x-mas cards out this year, so I figured I would go for Happy New Year cards.
In 2011 we:
Bought a tent with our REI dividend. On one of the trips an animal stole one of my shoes, in the night. I have now happily replaced them.
Went to NYC for a dear friend's wedding. It was pretty fabulous.
Insulated the crawl space of out house. The floors are much warmer now.
I was able to get new hearing aids, and sent my old ones one to someone who was desperate to have anything. I hope they are serving him well.
Our cats are still cats.
In 2012 we:
Look forward to more home improvement projects.
Getting my store up and running.
Attending a wedding in Madison, WI over St. Patrick's Day.
And, having more camping adventures.