Monday, January 30, 2012

Super Good Art Stuff

I received some bummer inducing news earlier this week, my application for Kickstarter was denied.

I have been debating about what to do. The reason behind a Kickstarter campaign was to allow the friends and family and random strangers to donate a few bucks, in a legitimate way. [Please don't hand me $3 cash, I will probably end up at a froyo shop.]
Moving forward I think the best thing to do will be to place info on this blog and FaceBook, set up like a Kickstarter page.

The Down Low:
I am opening a small art supplies store in the Tennyson Art District in Denver, CO. My dream is for this to be a warm, fun, community  friendly store, carrying student and professional grade art supplies. I plan to run classes for children through adults- think Painting With Your Pet, Graphic Novel Illustration or Macaroni Snow Flakes. I cant wait to participate in Tennyson First Friday shenanigans.

What I Need:
I need $63,000 to make this happen. That seems like a lot of money, and it is. But fear not, at this time I have raised $38,000 through a grant, gifts and a generous private loan. At this time I am researching SBA type loans.

I NEED $25,000

How Your Contribution Helps:
SBA type loans have very high interest rates. The less I have to pay back, the easier it is for me to financially run a successful business.
The money collected will go toward working capital, fixtures, office equipment  like computers and printers, and inventory.
I have heard a lot of support from friends and family. People telling me that they would like to help me out- if you have $2 to donate, that's fantastic. If you have $100 to donate that's fantastic. If you are broke and want to send well wishes, I would love to hear from you!
If You Contribute:
$1- $25: A heaping spoon of gratitude and an invitation to our grand opening.
$26- $50: Store logo bumper sticker
$51- $75: 4 post cards designed for this project
$100 and up: 1 piece of original art work

You are making a contribution to ME. This is not a charity, or a non-profit. The money collected will go toward working capital, fixtures, office things like computers and printers, and inventory. A contribution does not make you a shareholder, or in anyway involved with the business. No money will be returned or payed back. You are not guaranteed anything, except the contribution "prizes" as stated above.