Saturday, January 02, 2010

whear the decade went

i admit, my spelling has not improved. but here is a run down of things that happened in the last 10 years.

2000: i got my drivers licensed 3 weeks before y2k. went to London. LOVED IT.
2001: met my now husband and had my first "real relationship"- not w/ my husband. totaled first car.
2002: graduated from high school, started college. watched that relationship fall apart.
2003: started dating a really good guy. hated college.
2004: hated college and roommate. went to classic toga party.
2005: put together 15 piece fashion show group in school.
2006: internship, and hiring at RMCC. graduated college. broke up with boyfriend. got a motorcycle licensed and Vespa GT2000. started dating again. [i really never intended to move between relationships as fast as i did.] Tim got Ozzy
2007: Went to china w/ BF and friend. got engaged. went to Spain w/ friend for a week. totaled second car. got married. went to NYC for new years eve. Took over care of Falkor
2008: bought a house. went to new york for a wedding. I got Kabuki and Prof. Cheeto
2009: started playing roller derby. Finally moved up at work to be Designer of the children's line. quit roller derby. Lost Ozzy. Went to Pittsburgh. went to Seattle. went to Las Vegas.

we entered 2010 w/ a party and a lazy day watching movies. Bring on the new year!

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