Wednesday, January 13, 2010

this week

i need to write something here. but what I'm not sure.

The Mr. is finally taking the plunge, starting up his own one shot/one day LARP group. He has been talking about this for a year. foreseeably this is something that, in the future he would not loose money on. though the chance of making money is slim. still i'm glad that he is dong this.

it's market week for me. every januarary Denver hoasts the largest western buyers mart in the US. [i think Atlanta is knownfor their Christmas market.]This is an exciting, crazy, exhosting, dreaful time of year. i spend most of my day in the back room dressing modles for our runway fashion show within the show room. when i'm not in the back i am either in the way, not being helpful enough or gazing longingly at beautiful boots- the kind that i dont need, wont wear much, but absoutly love and want to own. maybe this year i will find a pair in a more erasonable price range than the ones i have been lusting after for a year.
this year my first official with my name attached Kids line will be on the run way. I am super excited. in the office i just finished summer and am thinking aobut outerwear and soforth for the following fall. fall 2011. i think that this current group is going to have blow out sales.

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