Friday, January 08, 2010

out of my head onto the computer

my work computer has been having issues all week. virus issues.
i had no computer before lunch, and now i am trying to work on something that is taking 45 min to rasterize in Illustrator.
my head hurts. right on schedule for my monthly sinus infection. BOOO.
i just really feel not good today.
i got my bonus check at work today. since its a bonus i want to do something fun with it. usually we spend it on car repairs.
there are some cowboy boots i have been lusting after for a yr. and a camera that i want badly. travel plans w/ no funding, car repairs, house up-dates.... etc.

We have talked of going to Taiwan this year, to visit friends who are their teaching English. I intensely wish to return to London. its been 10 years since my first trip over seas. I fell in love with London. Even now i look for job opportunity's that would take us there to stay.
i want to go in late February or early march to see the daffodils at Kew Gardens. the museums are amazing, the architecture fantastic and the tea shops plentiful.
I loved it there and i want to share London with Tim.

I think i have come to understand "survivors guilt"- at least on a low level. We know a number of people who seem to have hit rough patches in their personal relationships lately. its hard knowing that you are madly in love and in a fantastic marriage, while knowing so many others are miserable. there is nothing you can say - or should say that can help them find happiness, but you don't want to throw your own happiness in their face.
2010 has started out really good for us, and i hope that everyone else we know finds happiness too.

We made meatballs last night.

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