Saturday, January 23, 2010

Lazy day.... kind of

Lazy day for me. busy day for Tim. When he started planning this LARP event, we thought it was happening last Saturday, but change of plans, and it is tonight, so we are no longer going to Derby Prom, he is full of adrinalin, and i dont have any plans.

Sitting at my desk this week feeling kind of terrible, i was thinking all the things i wanted to get done at home this weekend.
put away the Christmas boxes.
do some drawing
get new photos on the computer machine.

and i continue to not feel all that well. I've been in a bot of limbo, not feeling good, but not feel that bad either.
i don't really want to do anything. At all. but am still sad i do not have plans for tonight. [admittidly i have made no, zero, zip effort to have plans tonight.]

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