Tuesday, November 07, 2006


i dont like to be angry. i generaly avoide conflict and drama. mainly because i dont let go of things well.

latly... and this has been going on , on and off for quite some time, but latly, i dont see so much of a reason for it. really everything is pretty peachy.
well, other than the car thing, and the other car thing and the apt almost thing and the work thing and the birthday things, oh and the identity theft thing.

but i just find my self inexplainably mad. and im in the limbo of wanting to be arorund people untill i am, and then i want to be left alone.

and as a previous post says, i have been feeling like i am screwing everything up.

and then theres the inner fight aobut what i think i want and what i do want and everything that goes along w/ that. and the problem of tying to forsee too far down the road, despite recent events that have proven you really cant truley do that.

so im angrey, and its keeping me from sleeping, and its making me snap at people i dont intend to. and its not a good excuse, but its the one im giving. appoligies if i have snapped at you or blown you off latley.

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