Friday, November 11, 2011

Stuffed Animal Project

A friend commissioned stuffed animals from me, as gifts for... people he knows, I expect.

I found patterns on line, and made adjustments. For the most part I feel that this project went well, especially since stuffed animals are hard, and I haven't attempted making one since I was about 7 or 8.

 Elephant- found the pattern here. The directions are a little sketchy. I actually inserted some wire Us in the legs, as they ended up splayed strait out, on their own.
Penguins. There was originally supposed to be a frog, but the sample one turned out bad, and frankly there is a serious lack of cute frog patterns out there. So we went with two penguins. I made my own pattern but the idea was originated here. (ok, i can no longer find the site where this originated, i will correct the link if I do. Also the origin of the panda, below.) Super easy, and way cute, this pattern is a win.
 There was a request that the panda have wings. So it does. I do not recommend trying this with corduroy as I did.