Friday, November 11, 2011

further rambling about Nationals.

[from g+]

Hello Derby Weekend!

Its like a 3 day xmas here. We are that excited. Nationals is in Denver this year and our team is defending its claim to #1.

Why?  well, its a weekend full of roller derby. Really good roller derby. It has been part of our lives for almost 3 years now. Its a hard to play, high action sport. Its growing in numbers at an unbleaveable rate, it is so new that rule changes are being made yearly to account for loop holes that have been found and new situations that arise. Its a bunch of women who dedicate between 20 and 40 hours a week to practice, bouts and running the league. Some have never played organized sports in their lives. They wear booty shorts and fish nets, because its fun- and ideal for speed skating in packs, but don't judge them as slutty, they work their asses off- or on, because there is some seriously impressive derby ass out there.

But also, Tim has gotten into it. Its the one sport we both enjoy watching, so his excitement about this weekend is equal to mine.

General admission tickets are still available, the action starts today. If you want to watch online, go to the WFTDA web site, there will be a streaming link.