Monday, July 13, 2009

weekend stuffs. not exciting. but fun

it was a weird weekend for us. somehow we had noting. i mean nothing planned.

friday: we sought ADVENTURE. which resulted in adventure golf, than got rained out- so now we have a rain check and can go again. hung out with friends, had a good time.

sat: i attempted to teach a friend a felting technique. it didn't work as it was supposed to and i have no idea why. i have done something like 30 yards of fabric using this technique and have never had a problem. so i don't know what happened. we watched Kung Fu Panda. I'm not sure how i feel about it. i think i need to watch it again. also watched Wanted. again, not quite what i thought it was going to be, i think. but fun action shoot em' up movie.

sunday: Hiking! we headed to ..somewhere- west of evergreen.... and went up about 1,200 feet. to the top. it was a good hike. we remembered my inhaler this time and i think roller derby has helped as well. i really feel it at about 1,100 feet. which could explain why i totally didn't do good when we attempted grays and torys last yr. [also a forgotten inhaler.] that climb starts at 1,100 feet. didn't take any pictures, because, well, it looked like hiking in Colorado. but was not extraordinary and in need of photographs. still want to do the 14er. but need to work up to it better. hope to do more hiking this summer and fall.

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