Monday, July 06, 2009

cultural excursions.

due to my recent Derby Break Up and the holiday weekend, Tim and I found ourselves with nothing to do on Sunday. [by nothing, i mean avoiding laundry, grocery shopping- etc.]

We decided to head to the Denver Art Museum to see the Psychedelic Poster Exhibit. Featuring posters from San Francisco from 1964 - 71. I pre-viewed this show last Wednesday while i was down town for jury duty and thus had a free pass to the museum. I knew Tim wanted to go, but i was not sure we would make it before the show closed.
This show was the best I have ever seen at DAM. I think I usually go in with expectations of some kind- but this show I had no idea what there was supposed to be.
There were easily a couple hundred posters on display. they were arranged in chronological order and grouped by artist. Meaning that you could see how style changed as a whole over time and also the progress of the artist.
I love this style of poster. But have never seen enough of it to get a good feel for the concept and how and why things were arranged the way they were. I have actually been trying to do a t-shirt screen for work that had this feeling. at the time i searched endlessly for good examples and found nothing. to day i looked and you can see it all. maybe its popular again. more so this year than last year.

to continue our cultural escapades we headed to the movie theater for one of the multitudes of showings of Transformers II.
we knew it would be non coherent. it seemed long to me. probably because it was all shiny fighting, and i didn't give a shot about if anyone involved succeed in what ever it was they were trying to accomplish. [i was a bit fuzzy on that too.] Then we enjoyed spending over an hour pointing out loop holes and a so forth total bashing of the film.

it was a good day.

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