Tuesday, July 28, 2009


wiki your birth date. 4 events, 3 births, 2 deaths, 1 holiday

1732- the Royal Opera House opens at Covent Garden, London.

1930W1XAV in Boston, Massachusetts broadcasts video from the CBS radio orchestra program, The Fox Trappers. The broadcast also includes the first television commercial in the United States, an advertisement for I.J. Fox Furriers, who sponsored the radio show.

1972Apollo 17, the last Apollo moon mission, is launched. The crew takes the photograph known as "The Blue Marble" as they leave the Earth.

1999 – The RIAA files a lawsuit against the Napster file-sharing client, on charges of copyright infringement.

1863 – Richard Sears, American department store founder (d. 1914)

1910Louis Prima, American musician (d. 1978)

1956Larry Bird, American basketball player


1683John Oldham, English poet (b. 1653)

1980Darby Crash, American punk-rock musician (b. 1958)

USPearl Harbor Day (observance)

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