Monday, June 22, 2009


it was a weird weekend. we got NOTHING done.
First of all Tim has been working nights. or at least he was last week- so his sleeping schedule is off.
Friday we headed to a new neighborhood favorite Tacabe for dinner with our friend Nate. Tacabe calls it's self "an American Indian eatery." it is kind of chipotle style. only they do fry bread tacos and pizza as well as nachos. they have delicious good fresh things to go on said, fry bread- including pasole. this restaurant is all about being good for the environment. everything is recycled and the cups and silverware are biodegradable. [i guess that makes it less "silverware" and more "cornstarch wear."
then we headed to another friends house for a party. it was a good time of trying Absinthe and playing flux/munchkin. Geeks Ahoy!
Tim went back to work and i didn't get to bed until after 2am. this is not normal for me. i am not a night person.
i slept in Saturday. and Tim got in bed at 10am. i have no idea what else happened, except i was soar from push ups on Thursday and i had to go to the store to get actual gluten free pizza crust. preceded to nothing around the house and headed to Derby at 5.
things didn't get started until 7:30, so as usual there was a lot of sitting around, wondering why we were there so early. I played in the half time scrimmage. it was bittersweet, as my ankles decided that they DID NOT want o skate. looking back at photos i can see that i am looking down in a lot of them. bad bad bad. trying to get back in the swing of the game.
it was another late night.
Sunday was Father's Day adventures downtown for lunch and then to the Rockie's game. we sat i the rock pile. it was hot. i think they won. i don't know, we were so far away it was hard to concentrate on the game.
i sit here Monday morning, exhausted. with a list of errands running through my head.. all the weekend house things that didn't get done. hopefully the Mr. is doing a load of laundry this morning. and if I'm really lucky he will vacuum the furniture. you would think we had a wookie living with us, the amount of hair floating around the house.

Next weekend: history museum- i hope, pride paraide

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