Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Return to Derby

I returned to Derby last night.
i have been out a good 3 weeks. and doing poorly the 3 or 4 weeks prior to that.

my main problem has been foot pain, and ankle cramping. the ankle cramping due largely to my skates being too big.
i got new skates, and went to the foot dr. i have been doing rehab exercises to build up strength in my tendons and ligaments and other small important muscles. for whatever reason skating brings out all my weaknesses. Really- probably, the reason above all others to keep skating.

so last night: my ankles didn't hurt!
my_____ did hurt: bottoms of my feet, knees and Left thigh. i think the feet thing was more of a wrong sock kind of deal. my knees are bad and i fell hard and wrong again. keep catching my toe stops on the floor when i don't want to. and my thigh? felt like i was straining an old injury.
the new skates are stiff.. caused some blistering and my Achilles to hurt and for a bump.
iced everything.
NEW SKATES: are definitely faster. omg. better bearings, and everything is clean. feel lighter. need to hammer out the backs to soften them up. and get a skate tool so i can switch out my wheels.
might sell my old skates to another girl- but now don't know what to do about wheels. i want to keep all the wheels i have, so i will have an outside pair. but feel bad selling someone a pair of wheel less skates.

going to play in a scrimmage Saturday. didn't invite anyone because A. didnt know if i was playing. B. they insist that everyone ride the paty bus at $25 a head and C. i'm only play in the half time scrimmage for 1/2 and hr.

Maybe one day i will be a real roller girl.

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