Sunday, March 22, 2009

weekend adventures.

we had a good time this weekend.
town was quite dead. had good dinner at the bar.- hot wings and chili cheese fries. springs are nice. the one pictured before was the only one like it- and tim said later that there was a perfict whisper..uh.. tunnel? from that pool to a different on we were sitting in.
also had a good meal in Granby at Mad Munchies [sat lunch] and Carrie's Corner Cafe. eat there next time you go through. Triple C [as Carrie's was called] was great- full of knotty pine, old photos and ancient heads.

beautiful weekend. now i really hope we get some moisture this week. we are in a bad way this spring.

weeded the yard and bought a new grill [ consumer reports choice, also the one AP has.] also a ladder and roofing caulk. i'm gonna glue me down some shingles and clean the gutters!!
ahh the life of a home owner.
the Mr. and i discussed that it woulf be fun to have bees. but a small amount of reasearch sawa that we prolly ownt do it anytime soon. we need to get us some working sprinklers and a presentable yard. tulips are growing fast. hopefully we have something nice- soon.

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