Friday, March 20, 2009

men's fashion spring summer 09

i am flipping through fashion magazines for work. my boss tagged a number of things to make prints from...
the one I'm looking at right now is a men's magazine. i have to admit, i love plaid with plaid. i'm looking at a man in black trousers, a gray and [black - light open plaid] sport coat with a white based [and black] heaver plaid underneath. black bow tie.
the ad says: "say good bye to t-shirts worn under a blazer. Say hello to a contrasting sport coat that reinterprets "prep"."
it looks great.
also checks are in- for those of you paying attention. buy em all different sizes and colors. but buy em bright.
circles and dots are also in. wear them in small to medium size. yes, there is a difference between men's and women's polka dots.

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