Wednesday, March 18, 2009


grouchy day.
anyone keeping track- the headache kicked in at 3:34... it is 6:46- i still have it.

missed derby tonight. bad mood. needed to get my art project done. its due tomorrow. i still feel- grudgingly- that grades are important. that does not mean that i am any less stubborn, or willing to follow directions.

will have to try to make derby tomorrow after class.

i have always loved used pallets and paper towels from art projects. always wanted to save them and frame them. maybe i should just get into the habit of photographing them. it would be much easier and more likely to happen than my train art photography project. and i have wanted to do the photo a day project, but have not. maybe if i had a web cam and could just click it every morning when i eat breakfast.

went to the TCM Clinic yesterday. basically they told me to "sweet jesus, stay the fuck away from gluten," and come back in 2 weeks. i am willing to listen to them. time to get more serious. time for Tim to eat the rest of the jalapenio poppers.- i call dibs on the tater-tots though.
oh grouchyness... leave me alone.
now i need to go see my doc. so they can refer me to the sleep center. time to get checked out for sleep apnea. wheee....
and the night guard will not be covered by the insurance. thank you mr. dentest. i really didnt want to do something fun with the tiney extra i make this yr. from my raise.

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