Monday, December 25, 2006

god damn, fuck you.

things have been stressfull lately. may parents are their own broad spectrum of stress that ranges from thnigs that really piss me off, to things i'm mad aobut because i'm spoiled brat, and they never intended as thigns to anoy me.

and suddenly i feel the stress of things going well, untill they start to mirror more unplesent thigns, and that scares me and pisses me off, and then theres people who have been ignoring you, who are suddenly all like "o yeah lets hang out." rally i should be happy because they are maknig the effort after ignoring mine, but the combination of mirrored things and that. just stress me out, in a way i dont know how to deal w/. its seems and is so very simple, and yet, its a nasty swirling vortex of crap i dont want here- in my head- ever.

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