Thursday, October 20, 2011

da yard 2011

Every year I like to take spring and fall photos of my yard. Usually in May and September.


 Spring! I spent a couple weeks cleaning out my garden. I prefer to let the vegetation sit and rot er... compost... through the winter. Two reasons, 1. I am lazy, and tired of working on the yard by late fall. and 2. It it is natural composting for the soil, and gives me something to do in the spring when I am ready to get going and excited about working in the garden again.
 All cleaned out. Old fire pit. Added doors found in the alley and fencing, that I hoped would work as a climbing trellis.
 Shade garden. Added some $1 plants [hosta's, shown here] from the local green house, hopefully I can keep them wet enough.
 Perennial geraniums and quince. unfortunately right behind them is a viscous, invasive shrub, that I am trying desperately to kill. So for now there is a bare patch where I cant plant anything.
 Tulips looking good, before the lavender gets big. Love my evergreen Yugo Pine [below]
 Shade garden is... still alive [above]. New fire pit going in... slowly, and everything up front is looking great. Can you believe this is only the second year for the plants in the front yard? Plants in the back are all from seed.

 September! I always feel that our gardens look best  July through early October, here in Denver.
 Giant pumpkins. A love from childhood. I have 5 out there this year. trying to decided what to carve and if i should give a few away.
The cosmos are a great burst of  end of the year color. They have appeared in light pink, dark pink and white.

Next up:
I am planting purple and pink tulips. I picked up a bag of 50 at  [I am ashamed to say] Home Depot. Money is tight, so that is what I can afford to do right now. I am hoping to add a little bit more spring color to the front garden.
Also, mulching the shade garden for winter. Hopefully the leaves falling off of my giant snowball bush will do it for me.