Monday, June 06, 2011

not updating

so, I've been crap about updating lately.

It seems most often, that I am waiting to get photos off my camera/ phone, whatever so i can do a long an proper update.

I am having problems getting photos off my phone with out emailing them to my self. long story short. i'm annoyed and missing a number of trip pictures because of it.

I hit up McKinnleyville/ Arcata/ Eureka and San Francisco a couple weeks ago. Spent a week with my aunt, just hanging out. It was a great vacation, way relaxing- probably because of horrendous allergies making me lazy.

Have I mentioned? I'M SICK OF ALLERGIES. Yes. They followed me back to Denver.

Had a short sto0p in San Fran, where I attended/ reffed the RMRG vs B.A.D.Girls roller derby bout. The bout was held at the Craneway Pavilion in Richmond. A beautiful old warehouse that has been cleaned up and is available for events. It looks out over the bay, with a view of San Fran.

The job I apparently have, still has not started. Annoyed, but it sounds like cash flow problems on the owners end. So I am applying for jobs and working on my own projects.

We built a standing desk for the office. A nice replacement for the one we had that has been falling apart.

That's it for now. going to try to get some pictures posted soon.

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