Thursday, January 27, 2011

underground homes

I have been fascinated by underground homes for as long as I can remember. [and tree houses, but that's a different post.] I stumbled across this posting on Inhabit back in December and it's been on my mind ever since.
I love the idea of living in the country. But the suburban city kid in me wonders if I could ever truly leave the city. On the outer edges of the metro area, I believe it would be possible to have both. No we wouldn't be minuets from down town and in the hart of restaurant heaven, but we could have a small bit of landscape to let go wild, while being no more than 15 minuets to the grocery. Somehow and underground hose seems to fit into this idea quite well.
I think my favorite, at least from a modern architecture standpoint is the house featured from Vals, Switzerland. Because it lacks surrounding I had a hard time understanding the scale from the photos. It seemed that the varying pictures made it appear to be everything from a small cabin to a huge structure. Probably I would opt for some stained concrete, or devise a way to add a change of color to various rooms. I love: the natural light, self sufficient heating cooling aspect, modern look, lack of attack on the landscape and the overall aesthetics. The house is also visible in this commercial. [enter at 23 seconds]

The designer [Christian Muller] won at least three awards for this project and it appears to have gotten quite a bit of attention. [in fact it appears to have its own web site. re: Squee1 photos!] My understanding is that this was privately built, but available for vacation rental.

The blue tub is actually a hot tub.

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