Sunday, January 02, 2011

enter 2011

Well, looks like I never got back to blogging in December. I've been thinking about blogs, what i would write, what i would save for another day. Apparently its all been saved for another day. Really what that means is that I should type them all up and have them auto update. we'll see.

December ended up being pretty crazy for me. I worked part time retail. in a mall. Really it went better than I expected. I admit, I had never worked retail, not really. and the thought of being in the mall at xmas was horrifying. In the end I really enjoyed it, worked with some awesome people and found the 2 weeks leading up to xmas to be about as much as my introverted self can handle. I enjoy helping people and i like running around with lots to do. I like going to work at the butt crack of dawn to unload pallets off the truck and I like that i was in food and not clothing. when you hand people truffles and other candy, most of them are nice. I only dealt with a few irritating people.

Looking at last years new years resolutions. it looks like i succeeded in all but one. the one is still rolling around in my head, but maybe in other forms.

This year i am thinking about:

creative projects that i want to get seriously rolling.

picking up the banjo again- I started learning, but got distracted around October. I need to get back on that.

finding a job. a good job. or get those creative projects rolling on a level that get me some income.

Because my memory is pretty much crap [looking back at this in a year will be helpful], here is a run down of the last year:

-started seeing an endocrinologist about my thyroid. [turns out i had, in fact had a problem the last 2 years and it went un treated.]
-started taking banjo lessons.
-lost my job in July. admittedly, i had been unhappy at that job since I started, so it was a good thing.
-went to Tod's wedding in WY, and saw the black hills, took a cave tour and finally saw car-hinge.
-picked up a seasonal job at Harry & David
-went to NYC in Oct, to a fashion job fair.
-we went to St. Louis for thanks giving, had a fun time, met the rest of Tim's relatives.
-experienced seasonal retail
-mom and dad went to California for xmas.
-had a fun xmas eve party with freinds from out of town.
-after a warm, brown December, the temps plummeted and we had several inches of snow just in time to cancel our new years eve plans and watch movies on the couch.

2010 was a very up down year for us, I'm thankful I had Tim by my side. I expect good things in 2011.

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