Tuesday, May 05, 2009


i have pictures of the yard renovation- just not here. not yet.
we got sod and working sprinklers last weekend.
i planted some birthday shrubs last night. i hope to fill in with some creeping petunias to keep things stabilized this summer, until we can afford more plants. and mulch.
getting ready to plant the back vegetable garden as well.
hope to get the cloths line up in the back. not running your dryer is supposed to seriously reduce your electricity bill and be better for your cloths.
i am excited to FINALLY get the garden growing. you really cant start much earlier in Colorado, unless you want to start seeds inside.

one of my all time favorite places to visit in Denver is the Rocky Mt. Seed Co. i am glad to hear they are making a comeback with the renewed interest in backyard farming.

we have come to a sad conclusion recently. if we want to regularly have fire, we need to invest in a fire starter. there was one time, with the perfect selection of kindling and someone who is good at starting fires- that we got one to go with ease. otherwise we spend 3 hrs just trying to get the thing to stay lit and use an entire x-mas tree.
but it also means, we will enjoy having a fire once a week.

our cats like to play with cords- which we highly discourage, except for one. Tim's old laptop cord has an attached piece of velcro for keeping the cord bundled- our cat Kabuki, like to clean this piece of velcro so lovingly, that we just cant take it away from her.

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