Wednesday, December 12, 2007

these should really be seperate posts.

I watched a 4th grader dash across a slippery Federal Blvd. this morning.- half a block from a light. between a bunch of cars.

I've been meaning to blog for a while now. allot of things. They've been dancing around in my head and i have been unable to put them together coherently into words.

I think most of it has been about Christmas, the season and everything around it.

no, I don't like that the Halloween display had been shoved aside a week before Halloween to make room for Christmas.
No, I don't like that Thanksgiving is pushed to the wayside. or that the Thanksgiving weekend is more about sports and super sales than about spending time with family and friends, playing outside and generally enjoying the first rush of the holiday season.
Yes i think people are loco for fighting for and spending frightening amounts of $ on the "IT" toy of the season.
You've it heard it all for years now. the commercialism is out of control. every one is cynical. its a scam. its a budget buster, that leaves people feeling ill long after most of the toys are forgotten, its not about Christ. [as far as I'm concerned thats what easter is for.]

I love the holidays.
i love Santa clause.
i love lights.
i love candles.
i love cookies and baking.
i love dinner party's and weekend adventures with friends.
i love shoveling snow.
i love shopping for gifts for people, and trying to find something just right. [some years it goes better than others.]
i love night time walks and being all bundled up.
i love the nostalgia and the memorabilia.
i love sitting by the fire.
i love seeing everything decorated up. be it beautiful, expansive [and expensive] decorating down town or in nice restaronts, or cheese-y paper cut outs taped to walls and tensile.
i love sending and getting holiday cards.
i LOVE LOVE LOVE having a Christmas tree. everything that it entails- form picking it out at the lot, to the disasters of trying to get it set up, to decorating, enjoying and appreciating what the season was when you take it down after new years.
I love old tv Christmas specials- which are never the same if you just watch it on video.
fuck, i even love coke commercials.

people have reasons for not liking the holidays, that are different for the usual reasons. the Christmas of my sr. yr of high school, a friend died, a kid in my French class had an angerism, a teachers husband was killed by a drunk driver. when i was in 6th grade my grandpa passed away early morning Christmas eve.

its sad. its horrible. and whose happens to family's every yr.

don't shun the holidays because they are hard. embrace them.

as i sit and watch my Christmas tree glow, i like to take some time to think about those that i miss and those that matter in my life.

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